Happy Holidays. We are enjoying eggnog and will ship any orders placed today through Monday by December 28.

For Purveyors

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    Deliver of your product into the hands of local tastemakers.
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    Expand your brand to seekers of high-quality, small-batch goods.
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How it Works

The Batch team hand selects products for each box. Batch sends boxes to subscribers organized around a common theme (Rise & Shine, Comfort Foods, After Dinner) each month. If what you make fits this theme, then Batch partners with you to get your products to passionate future fans.

Batch subscribers can also opt in to your email list (if you have one) and like you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter (and even visit your online store to order more of what they love).

We want to develop lasting partnerships with all of our fine purveyors, we will visit your business, photograph you in action, hear your story, and share what you do and why you do it with our audience.

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