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What We Make

From time to time here at Batch, in addition to making great subscription boxes, we also design, curate, and make products that we think you'll like. Here's a little Thursday roundup of some of the things that have begun here:

Thanks Y'all Towel

Back in November, these hand towels rolled off the screenprinting presses with an original design. They're perfect as a set in your kitchen or guest bathroom. They also work as - what else? - a thank you gift.

Good Morning Towel

To launch our new Memphis subscription service, we included a fresh take on our towels, this time with a peppy morning message. If you're a morning person (or you stay up until the morning), this may be a nice reminder when you're making pancakes.

Discover Journal

Our January Batch shipped with this locally made journal. Pocket-sized, it'll go with you anywhere this year as you set off on your great big adventure. Grab a set if you're planning on making a lot of memories this year.

Don't forget to check out more great single products and build your own Batch of sorts in our Market.

Sam Davidson
Sam Davidson


Sam Davidson is the CEO and co-founder of Batch. He writes here about company news and updates, as well as the latest things he's discovering in Batch's cities and beyond.