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Getting to Work

As we've grown the team here at Batch, a lot of folks have chipped in. (Check out our growing staff here.) Whether we've needed help in packing over 1,000 boxes in a single day, or need to tie lots of bows on a wedding order, we're able to find willing and able people to help us pack, tape, sort, clean, or deliver.

Earlier this summer, we grew our team beyond our circle of family and friends (where a lot of start-ups find their first employees and contractors). Working with a local nonprofit, Oasis Center, we welcomed three students to the Batch team. 

Michiline, Ceyonte, and KD came on board in early June as part of a program Oasis manages that helps young people find employment. While most of our work here is less than glamorous, it's been a chance for these three to get a job - their first job - and for us to help meet a need. 

In addition to packing boxes, they've had a chance to weigh in on design and marketing and have helped curate new batch ideas. As school begins soon, work schedules will change, but we've been honored to grow our team in a passionate and purposeful way. 

Sam Davidson
Sam Davidson


Sam Davidson is the CEO and co-founder of Batch. He writes here about company news and updates, as well as the latest things he's discovering in Batch's cities and beyond.