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Shop Like a Boss for Boss's Day

Boss’s Day is tomorrow, and shopping for your supervisor can be a delicate dance. Fortunately, we’re the Arthur Murray of gift-giving, so here are some suggestions for choosing tokens of appreciation without stepping on anyone's toes!

DO - Be thoughtful
DON’T - Be unprofessional

Put some consideration into what you know about your boss without risking being inappropriate. Knowing your boss is going through a divorce doesn’t make you the right person to give them a self-help book on getting their groove back. Avoid personal items like clothes, body products, and jewelry, and focus instead on their likes and interests.

  • Is your boss a football fan or avid tailgater? Go with a good barbeque book.
  • Are they always drinking coffee? Put together a basket of quality local beans with a note that says, “This should cover a month of Mondays.” Not sure what to get? Well, there's a Batch for that!

DO - be unique
DON’T - be extravagant

Face it. Your boss has enough pens, paperweights, and calendars. If you don’t know your boss well enough to add a personal spin on his or her gift, try to think outside the box without breaking the bank. Keep the value of your gift under $50 (nobody likes an office suck-up).

  • Curate a collection of locally-flavored treats, like locals honeys and jams, cookies and candies, or savory snacks like trail mix and jerky. Steer clear of heart-shaped candy boxes, chocolate-covered strawberries, and CBD gummies to avoid making it weird.

Contact our Gift Concierge to have a thoughtfully curated collection of local goods put together for your boss. Batch Nashville is open in the Nashville Farmers Market Monday-Thursday 10am-6pm, Friday-Saturday 9am-8pm, and Sunday 9am-6pm.

Crystal Elsey
Crystal Elsey


Crystal moved to Nashville in 2009, long enough ago to remember being able to parallel park on Broadway on a Friday night. When she's not slinging ink about local flair for the Batch Blog, she enjoys punny crosswords, long naps, making handmade pasta, hiking Tennessee's waterfalls, not sharing pizza, and riding around on her cherry-red moped, "Rosie" (named for Betty White's character on the Golden Girls). She lives downtown with her Pomeranian pup, Tanner, who joins her for "Bark in the Park" baseball nights, Sunday strolls through Germantown, and Schitt's Creek marathons on the couch. She hates blue cheese and podcasts, and has never once figured out how to use a public bus system. Her hopes and dreams for the future include living in Europe, finally using the word "prolific" correctly, and having a pet hedgehog named Sedgewick.