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The Winning Formula for You Are So Nashville If... contest

Submissions are open through June 27th for the Scene's Annual 'You Are So Nashville If ...' As a service for Weekly What readers, we analyzed the 30 past winners and have come up with the winning formula for YASNI entries.

You are so Nashville if...

Winning topics:

  • Country music (5 winners)
  • Local celebrities (4 winners)
  • Crime (4 winners)
  • Gay (4 winners)
  • Acronym wordplay (3 winners)
  • Growth/Development (3 winners)
  • Southern-fried ignorance (3 winners)
  • Mayoral romantic scandals (2 winners)
  • Local landmark (2 winners)
  • Religious sanctimony (2 winners)
  • Neighborhoods (2 winners)

With those results in mind, here’s our suggested formula for a winner:

  • Local landmark + country musician + crime + new development
  • Mayoral election + acronym + neighborhood + southern-fried ignorance + gay
  • Country music song + overcrowded city + religious sactimony

Also consider adding these hot topics in your entry: Scooters, Old Town Road, Cherry trees, high rise apartments, Cade Cothren, NFL Draft

Rob Williams
Rob Williams


Rob Williams is the co-founder and Chief Branding Officer for Batch. He enjoys running, listening to podcasts and spending time with his wife and daughter at local swimming holes.