Júwon Enamel Nail Polish Grab Bag -


Júwon Enamel Nail Polish Grab Bag -

Take Your Pick:

Need nail polish that is good for you, the community, and the planet?

Want to get one awesome deal and stock up on nail polish until the next pandemic hits?

We got you, fam. 

We're offering up 5 bottles for just $8 or 10 bottles for only $10! Treat yo' self! Treat yo' friends' selves. Treat all the selves you know!

Our staff will hand pick 5 (or even better, 10) polishes for your random delight and surprise. A color breakdown is below and pictures of what is available are here.

More about Júwon Enamel:
Júwon is the kurdish word for "beautiful" and this polish will make you feel just that, inside and out! The colors are vibrant and pop, the brushes have been designed for ease of use, and the finish is incredible. 

Each color or top coat is a cruelty-free, high quality nail polish that meets the needs of all regardless of race, religion, sex or gender and was created to enhance inner beauty to represent ones true self.

This universal design is 5-free and does not contain Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate) and Camphor; products known to damage nails and cause yellow discoloration.

Júwon (which means beautiful in Kurdish) Enamel produces gel-like strength without harming nails after removing. This vegan product brings good vibes and joy to the world from the people that share their colors. Made in the US, Júwon Enamel promotes a healthy lifestyle by reducing the amount of toxins and chemicals in products we use to look beautiful and brings awareness to our generation on the importance of self-love starting with product usage.

Júwon Enamel isn’t about the way it looks, but the way it makes you feel.

Color details:

  • 2-in-One Base/Top Coat: Extend the life of your nail color by applying this before and after polishing your nails!
  • Affectionate: This vibrant, pop of red, with a pinch of orange, brings out the Affectionate side of you.
  • Angelic: This is a classic, luxuries white color that will have you feeling Angelic.
  • Av-Gotto Feel Good!: This moisturizer is mixed with lavender, cotton seed and avocado oil to heal those small, dry areas.
  • Barbie: Barbie pink is a smooth, rich lacquer that is perfect for dolls like yourself!
  • Basking in Bermuda Sands: This sandy, transparent, light pink Breathable Selection color will give your nails a clean, finished/ buffed look.
  • Belize It or Not!: Explore Belize's deep blue water hues.
  • Breathe Easy: Apply this clear coat breathable polish to any Breathable Selection color to prevent chipping, add gloss, and continue to allow water and oxygen to pass through the enamel.
  • Daydreamer: Get lost in your head and consistently be reminded of all your dreams because this perfect lavender color will have you mesmerized.
  • Earthy: Earthy is the perfect connection to nature. This greenish-yellow color will inspire you to zip-line, take a hike, or picnic outdoors.
  • Elegant: Feeling like sippin' a cup with your pinky up? Well be sure to have Elegant on your nails with those classy gestures.
  • Elope to the Eiffel Tower: Paris is the city of romance. Why not reminisce that love-e feeling through this flat, grey color that resembles the Eiffel Tower?
  • Fashionista: Dare to be different with your stylish clothes and Fashionista nails! This iridescent, plumpish color screams uniqness, style, and creativity.
  • Fighter: Strap on your boots and fight for what you believe in with this creamy, bold, military green lacquer.
  • Flirtatious: Warning, the perkiness that comes with this bottle of bright, vibrant pink will last just as long as the color does.
  • Frisky: Know that perfect red lipstick you own? This is the nail polish that matches it.
  • Fuji Gardens: Picture yourself walking the tunnels of Fuji Gardens with this flat, dark purple.
  • Glamorous: This smooth, modern, metallic color was made for every glamour girl!
  • Great Wall of China: Wear this Breathable Selection red to bring good luck and fortune to your day!
  • I Love You So Matcha!: Matcha, it's creamy, rich and beneficial for you. Enjoy this fluffy, mint green matcha color on your nails because Júwon Enamel Loves You So Matcha!
  • In A Hurry Topcoat: Perfect for those that are In A Hurry! This fast drying polish brings shine and seal to nails that need to dry in less than 5 minutes!
  • Jaipur City: Escape to "The Pink City" of royalty through this flat, strong pink.
  • Kombuchin’ Around: The fermentation process of this color involves shimmer, shine, a golden-kiss, and and an injection of a happier you. It's filled with a soft, energetic orange and a little hint of sparkles.
  • Macramé-king Memories: This thick, paleish nude color can help tie all your memories in a knot and wear em' on your nails.
  • Majestic: These magical vibes come from a combination of purple and bronze shimmer with a dark base.
  • Margarita in Mexico: Sense a margarita (with a tiny umbrella on the side) in your hand in the middle of a Mexican fiesta with this shimmery, electric pink.
  • Namaste Peaceful: This neutral color is full of life with its pop of peachiness to it. It'll have everyone admiring your nails while stimulating peaceful greetings to all.
  • Nonchalant: This velvety, suave, neutral and tan color is perfect for all skin complextions.
  • Northern Lights: One word, aurora.
  • Passionate: This maroon, iridescent shade truly shows your Passionate heart.
  • Seashells by the Seashore: This unicorn inspired creation resembles the seashells through its iridescence colors.
  • Serene: Tranquility, peace, and serenity come with this slightly shimmered, baby blue color.
  • Sexy in Santorini: Travel to Santorini, through this vibrant Breathable Selection, color that resemble all the white buildings there.
  • Sweeter Than Manuka: We know Manuka is sweet but you are sweeter! This thick, tan, honey color is filled with shine and stain.
  • UV the Sun: Protect your skin, hair, and NAILS from this sun. This toasted yellow will have you forever sun kissed without the SPF protection!
  • Wait, You’re Vegan?: Vegans have a big, warm heart for animals, theirselves, and Earth. This fiery, burnt orange symoolizes their uniqueness, vibrant attitude, and dedication.
  • Yellow Monday in Thai: In Thailand wearing yellow on Monday is believed to bring good luck. We dare you to break all the rules and wear Monday any day because this happy, bright color comes with more than luck, it comes with happiness.

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We always aim to send the products and flavors in the description and photo, but, occasionally, we’ll need to ship something slightly different than what you see listed here, but we promise it will be equally as delicious! If we are out of an item, our team will contact you to offer a replacement option.

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