Our small (but growing) and mighty company

How we got here

The story of Batch is a story of connection.

Established in 2013 by three friends — Sam Davidson, Stephen Moseley and Rob Williams — who wanted to make it easier to discover and share the cool stuff made in Nashville, Batch launched with a single product: a monthly subscription box featuring items handmade in and around Nashville.

The idea quickly caught on and by that holiday season, Batch was selling dozens of items online and fulfilling corporate gift orders shipping nationwide, all supporting the hard work of small businesses and entrepreneurs deeply passionate about their craft.
Batch specializes in custom curating a gift that features what you care about most, be it a city (brunch from New Orleans, snacks from Austin), an ethic (black-owned businesses, nonprofit-supporting products), or a brand (yours, of course!). Click here to see a gallery of images we're most proud of.

To date, Batch has sold more than 1 million locally made items, shipped to all 50 states (and dozens of countries). During these past nine years Batch has been a vehicle for the most important connections and sentiments we have as humans: gratitude, congratulations, sympathy, celebration, belonging - all delivered with impeccable service using the hard work and finely crafted handiwork of hundreds of makers. (If you'd like to be part of our purveyor network, reach out to us here.)

And should you need a little extra help finding that perfect gift, drop us a line. We'd love to help you stay connected to those who matter most, whether it's one person or 1,000.

The folks who make it happen

At Batch, our entire team works hard to curate and deliver locally made, artisanal goods, from and all across the USA. We offer meaningful, specialized gifts featuring high-quality, handcrafted items from our growing network of purveyors. And: no robots. Each batch we ship is hand-packed (with a gift note if you like) by a real human being.

Here are a few faces of those human beings that make up our team:

Sam Davidson

Co-founder and CEO


Sam's experience as an entrepreneur spans over a decade and a half, dreaming big and pouring his passion into multiple small business ventures. When not spending time with his family or seeking out new local beers, he’s seven steps ahead of everyone else on the Batch team, cooking up ideas for how to save small businesses.

Rob Williams

Co-founder and CBO


Rob's keen eye for design and understanding of branding helps shape Batch's commitment to top-tier story-telling. As a Batch co-founder, he plans and protects Batch’s aesthetic, working to uphold the ideals and values that started this company back in 2013. Rob has been in Nashville for 20+ years, and has a reputation in Nashville’s local karaoke circuit to prove it.

Stephen Moseley

Co-founder and COO


Stephen's experience in media and technology brands runs the gamut from nonprofits to app companies, and online video to consumer brands. He takes an analytical eye to every obstacle, and approaches solutions with sensitivity and empathy. When not handling all things operations for Batch, he's spending time with his family on the trails, coaching (and watching) soccer, and slowly reading John Grisham novels.

Rhonda Ladner

National Sales Director


After nearly 30 years of business-to-business sales and marketing experience, this New Orleans-native and Mardis Gras-enthusiast puts the “pro” in professional sales. She works tirelessly with our corporate clients to pitch, curate, and customize Batch for each order’s specific needs. She always finds a way to make the answer to the question “yes”. Our strategy is a simple one: set up Rhonda for success, and we all succeed.

Erin Goode

Regional Sales Director, East Coast / 3rd Party Gift Consultant


Knowing that a gift is more than just stuff in a box, Erin puts thought and care into each client's order so that it doesn’t just look good, but it feels good too. As a native New Yorker, she thrives in a fast-paced setting, but can easily be mistaken for a true East Nashvillian when visiting our HQ.

Kristi Evans

Regional Sales Director, Nashville


How do you set out to save small businesses across the country, while still showing the local love at home? The answer, we’ve found, is Kristi Evans. Kristi has been tasked with handling corporate clients right here in our home city of Nashville, Tennessee. Though her background is in sports management (she’s worked with some real all-stars), ask her about country music and you’ll see her heart belongs just as much at Ryman Auditorium as it does at Bridgestone Arena.

Heather Ainsworth

Product Director


A former chandler hailing from Texas, Heather knows the work that it takes to make and scale a business, which is why she wears so many different hats. Those gorgeous gift collections you see us bragging about? Yeah, that’s Heather. She spends her precious summer vacation sourcing, curating, and (most-importantly) naming the gifts that will make your gift the hit of the holiday season.

Mallory Patterson

Sales Support Manager


Located right at the intersection between Sales and Operations, Mallory embodies everything that’s crucial about both teams at Batch. She’s got the creativity, nuance, and grace of the best gift concierges. She’s got the talent, hustle, and guts of the fastest gift packers. And most impressively, she’s adored and cherished by both. When not meeting and then vastly exceeding expectations at Batch, she’s enjoying Nashville’s vibrant coffee scene, hosting dinner parties with friends, and curating her impressive collection of snazzy overalls and Rosie-the-Riveter-esque jumpsuits.

Bri Nightingale

Client Success Manager, Corporate Projects


Not everyone loses sleep over the exact colors of an order’s gift ribbon, but Bri does. They’re the one making sure your gifts ship on time and to your exact liking. When they’re not helping corral addresses, obtaining order details, and sharing tracking information, they’re supporting small business the old fashioned way: drinking local at their favorite Nashville breweries.

RJ Thornton

Accounting Manager


He's got the skills to pay the bills. Nashville drummer, avid chef, and encyclopedia of Reddit threads; RJ always has suggestions to make Batch better, and does so just by being on the team. His effortless confidence, fierce loyalty, and taste for tie-dye patterns gives Batch’s inventory/purchasing the spirit of a smokin’ Grateful Dead cover band.

Zach Anderson

Customer Service Manager


Zach shows up each day with an unbridled positive attitude and is always the first to jump on a phone call to talk to a client. He wears the fanciest of pants and is even fancier when he sports his favorite Pokemon apparel every Wednesday. Check out his band, the Dreaded Laramie.

Jean Thornton

Assistant Operations Director


In the time that it took to read this, Jean has responded to four emails, gift-ribboned seven boxes, and figured out how to fix the label printer. Originally from Hilton Head, South Carolina, Jean’s dedication and strong work ethic pushes and inspires everyone around her. She’s the reason that gift you just ordered is probably already on its way.

Justin Smith

Inventory & Fulfillment Manager


Justin has his doctorate from Forklift University and he’s not afraid to use it. He brings nearly 15 years of operations expertise from his years working with corporate giants, now he’s a reformed convert to the small business cause. He also kayaks, gardens, plays guitar, cooks, drives a moped, and a bunch of other stuff that inspires us to live life to its fullest.

Brittany Dufaud

Operations Associate


You know those people you can tell that they’re smiling even when you can’t see them? That’s Brittany. If your day has ever been made infinitely better by someone at Batch, there’s a good chance it’s because of her tireless dedication to details, her warm personality, and her talent for making people feel treasured. Studying to become a dental hygienist, both your day and your smile will be brighter for knowing her.

Lauren Reynolds

Inventory & Receiving Manager


Would it be too saccharine to call her god’s gift to the Operations team? Lauren applies a driven, focused, and disciplined work ethic to everything she does, both in and outside of Batch. Hand her an order, and it’s done in the blink of an eye. Her sharp wit and fearless attitude are an inspiration to everyone around her, and she has quickly redefined the standards of operations (and the definition of “badass”) at Batch.

Bri Jones

Operations Associate


Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Briana found her way to Batch like a Christmas gift in December 2022. While she began as seasonal help for the holidays, it’s easy to see why we’ve held on to her for dear life. She’s one of the hardest workers on the team, she’s an incredibly quick learner, and she is always the first one to say “good morning” when we arrive. She loves Red Velvet Cake, spending time with her kids, and amazing us with her ability to keep up with obscure pop culture references.


Chelsie Johnson

Operations Associate


It’s by no accident that when a gift needs to be packed, we hope it lands in the hands of Chelsie. She has been proving herself an essential part of the Batch team for well over a year, sticking through holiday mayhem, warehouse moves, and all of the growing pains of an expanding business. This Tennessee native turns a mountain of boxes into a pallet of perfect gifts. And because of that, small business is a little safer.

Constance Wheeler

Operations Associate


The word “complain” never entered Constance’s vocabulary. Doesn’t matter what the task is–she’s on top of it, rolling up her sleeves to do the things others may avoid. So, when it comes time to pack that huge corporate gift order, we’re putting our faith in the hands of Constance, because she’s gonna work until it gets done.

We’re a gift company focused on the human side of gift giving. Every Batch gift, with intentionally selected goods, is hand packed by our team. Corporate gifting is a big business, but we’re on a mission to include small businesses and local makers in corporate gift sets. We seek out artisanal products handcrafted by makers across the country. Our corporate gift ideas highlight interests and causes that are important to you and your gift recipients.


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