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Handpicked Holiday Gifts Ideas for Her

Here's your gift guide for the multi-tasking-how-does-she-do-it-needs-to-take-moment-for-herself-but-is-always-thinking-about-others-deserves-more-than-gift-card-to-Amazon woman in your life.

The Batch Discovery Box

The Batch Discovery Box the perfect fit. Packed with our favorite Southern finds, we send it out every three months. You can choose from the standard or deluxe version and the number of boxes she'll get next year.

Brittany Fuson 2018 Planner

You know she has a busy schedule so give her this stylish planner from Brittany Fuson to keep track. While others can have their iCal, she'll not only be organized but look good doing it.

Spa Day Gift Batch

Spa Day Gift Batch

The perfect gift for the friend who should take a moment for herself or the coworker who showed up early and stayed late. The deluxe version includes Olive & Sinclair chocolate and Rainwater Farms Lavender Bath Soak.

Do One Thing Every Day that Makes You Happy

This journal will challenge her to use every day as an opportunity to find delight, whether in her surroundings, her work, her relationships, her insights, or her actions. It's a guide to look inside and outside to appreciate what makes her happy—including getting this book as a gift.

Coffee Lover Gift Batch

Coffee Lover Gift Batch

Is she a caffiend? If so, give the jam-packed Coffee Lover Gift Batch. With four different coffees from our favorite middle Tennessee roasters, syrup, honey, and a tumbler, this is the gift that will her a head start every morning for doing something that will make her happy.

Aviate Blue BNA Hat

Aviate Blue BNA Hat

She can let her Nashville pride show with the BNA hat from Aviate.  

Need more ideas? Check out our collection of gifts for her.

Rob Williams
Rob Williams


Rob Williams is the co-founder and Chief Branding Officer for Batch. He enjoys running, listening to podcasts and spending time with his wife and daughter at local swimming holes.